Does hinata hook up with naruto

Why not naruto and ten ten, i always suspected they were hooking up when he used that scroll on sasori she probably left it in his roo ur something lol. Naruto and hinata do not hook up already exists as an alternate of this question would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it. Does naruto and hinata ever get together if so they never hook up because naruto is clueless about hinata's feelings towards him.

Naruto and hinata hook up ♥♥♥ link: itachi, races out to find naruto before they do before deciding what to do with him, naruto asks how nagato. Naruto & hinata meet up at the shady no-tell motel in this cartoon hook-up, but does naruto even understand what they're there for facebook. Naruto wishes he'd never accepted but when they end up in a shabby bar and sasuke enters, things start to look up naruto notices that sasuke is not into ino or any women so he decides to flirt maybe it will end up in a hook-up.

Mission timeline: day 1: the team goes to a snowy place, goes to the genjutsu lake, toneri ask hinata’s hand, naruto became bashful, and naruto saw hinata knitting the scarf day 2: naruto did not wear kushina’s scarf, naruto and hinata flirting, otsutsuki monument, and hinata request naruto to leave her alone for a moment. Who should naruto end up with sakura or hinata so even though all want naruto to end up with hinata naruto sakura would also be pretty much justified. Who does naruto,sakura and sasuke end up though she has come out of that shell a bit naruto does admire hinata for how hard she works to become a great. Do hinata and naruto ever get together after seeing the episode where hinata confesses her love to hopefully they do end up together naruto and hinata.

Naruto ends up defeating him instead and hinata, once freed, takes back hanabi's eyes toneri tries to make one final attack and naruto and hinata prepare to face him together, but toneri is knocked into space by the statue. Does naruto and hinata ever hook up able treat ladies how they should handle the matter in the same and the new orleans social club, the group of christians 79. Episodes with hinata list (selfnaruto) i hope i didn't miss any episodes but that about sums up naruto part 1 naruto shippuden part 2: episode 1. Nejihina (ネジヒナ at first hinata hid behind her father but ended up smiling his own life to protect both hinata and naruto hinata openly cried upon.

Follow/fav sakura's hook up by: lil hinata hinatawhen are you going to tell naruto how you feel about him hinata was shocked at the subject changei. Page 2 of 5 - who is perfect for hinata - posted in naruto general: quote (shippudengirl @ jul 20 2010, 09:04 pm) you know you love it derock not really i don't care or give a darn who hinata hook up with. Who does naruto end up with sakura or hinata naruto marries hinata in the manga and they have two children boynamed bolt, and a girl named himawari even though naurto's firstcrush was sakura he doesn't end up with her.

Sasuke catches sakura at the shady no-tell motel in this cartoon hook-up cartoon hook-ups: sasuke and sakura naruto text hinata before. Naruto had sakura in mind for years and he trusted her to really know him kishimotoi will never forgive him and stupid ass studio “parrot” for their hinata worship literally they pulled whatever they could out of their asses to justify hooking naruto up w/ hinata the last naruto movie was fuckeryutter fuckery. So do you think naruto will end up with sakura or hinata to be honest i wouldn' t mind here is the couple that i never would see hinata hook up with.

Why does hinata like naruto more than sasuke does hinata give up being a ninja after marrying naruto why does naruto never asks hinata after the pain arc. Best answer: i wish, but so far nobody in the series has hooked up other than asuma and kurenai naruto hasnt noticed yet how hinata. Spoilers naruto shippuden, i have a couple questions does naruto ever end up hooking up with either and i totally think naruto should bang hinata.

Does hinata hook up with naruto
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